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Grebe's Nest - THE STACK

Bell Island Stained Glass Company                Tina's SPA

Marg's Craft & Decor                                         The Cafe down at the Line-up 

The Rolling Pin Bell Island Bakery                 Pavlov's Hair & Tanning Salon/Shirley's Hair Salon

Hangry Miner Restaurant                                 The Royal Canadian Legion                             

The Lone Grave & The Lost Graves                 Wabana Boy's & Girls Club               

Harry's Hibb's LOOKOUT                                 Skateboarding Park                           

The Grato - Stations of the Cross                     Racecourse at the Airstrip

Jeanie's Treasures & Convenience                   ..and just a few pubs to wet your whistle


Loads of talent found on the Belle of the Bay and Friday night is a wonderful evening to enjoy the singing, story and joke telling talent. All ages, tourists and locals gather round in the Cafe to enjoy a night you won't soon forget. You don't know what might come up but it is always interesting to say the least. So if you have never been to a Newfie kitchen party then I suggest you drop in for a couple of hours of the evening, watch the sun set over the cliff sides and be one of us.  And if you have an inkling of talent, we would love you to grab the mic too!


              ICEBERG & WHALE GAZING


The Theatre of the Mines cleverly shares the folklore of our island and a miners life. Through these talented young actors the spirits, fairies and the ghosts haunting this small island come to life. A 1 hour  drama, set in an actual mine, cleverly blends the true stories of the men trapped in the mines, the fairies that call you to jump the tall, jagged cliffs as well as the hair raising stories of The Woman in White. But the best would have to be the harrowing tale of the Hag. A true story based during WWII when Bell Island was bombed by the Germans due to our mines and its tale is now depicted on the new Canada Post stamp. 


As our island is smack in the middle of Conception Bay you can watch these mammoth majectic wonders, both Bergs and Whales,  slowly pass on either side of our beautiful island. Iceberg season starts in May and ends by mid July. If you look closely you may see seals and birds catching a ride down the river. And if luck is with you, you will also catch the Caplin rolling. Like in biblical days, swarms of these sardine like fish roll along the waves and come up onto our shores. Just drop in a bucket and you can catch more then a dozen. They are delicious cooked over a fire pit when you get back to the cottage. 

As you cross the Tickle on the ferry don't miss out on the NEWFOUNDLAND RUBBER BOOTS watching over you.  Naturally carved into our cliffsides they are a visual phenomena that represents the spirit and hard working people of our island; the fisherman, farmers and of course the miners. 



The Bell Island Cottages 

              DICK'S FISH & CHIPS



A non profit that supports the children and other communities of the island. Join everyone for BINGO! Played every Sunday evening. Get your cards just about anywhere on the island. And when you plank yourself down, after hopefully a good jigs, to play your chance to win, know that you are also gathering with most every other local on the island hoping to win the snack prize and the jackpot. Under the O Let's go! BINGO

Tel: 709-488-2120



Dick's Fish & Chips and Seaview Lounge

Oh my gosh. I remember as a little girl a day after swimming in the ocean passing by Dick's and the smell wafting from this place....out of this world. Wishing like crazy that I had enough money to buy a plate of Chip's dressing and gravy. Mouth watering I tell you. No visit to the Bell Island would be complete without a visit to this Newfoundland icon. Enjoy a hearty meal of fish and chips where a large serving could feed two. Also enjoy the live bands at the Seaview lounge whilst watching the Ferry cross back and forth from St. John's. What could be better? 




There are many points of interest on this small island. Bell Island was once a mighty player in the mining industry; attracting people from all around the world to mine its rich resources.  As you travel the island you will see some beautiful artwork that depict that history represented in some beautiful works of art created by our local artists including those of our most famous artist Brian Burke. These great pieces serve as reminders of those who worked hard, and in some cases gave their lives, for the pride of their wonderous land.  

Mine Tour

Knowledgeable local tour guides take you down, the now abandoned, Number 2 Mines where you will experience life as it was in the days of a booming mining town which serviced the world with iron ore. Stories steeped in history, sorrow and extravagance will reveal much of how life was lived on this RED island. Also visit the Museum which protects and preserves Bell Island's tangible & intangible culture & heritage, also housing a photo gallery by famous photographer Yousuf Karsh along with WWII Artifacts. 



Not many would think that, with such a short summer season, this island would produce such a prolific amount of diverse flowers, bushes and berries. There is not one stop light or city sidewalks. Instead it has multi-colored, wonderfully scented Lupins that mark your way and everyone bows and winks to let the other car go by. On your morning walk why not create a floral arrangement as a centrepiece for your evening meal, or pick delicious wild blueberries, gooseberries or tiny strawberries bursting with flavor, that you can snack on as you walk the beautiful trails and roadways.  


Lightkeepers Cafe

One of the last operating lighthouses of the in Newfoundland welcomes you to enjoy the vista overlooking Conception Bay. Once the home of the local lightkeeper, it now offers you a good down home breakfast or lunch as well as some of Newfoundland favorites like Cabbage Rolls and pea soup. Sit and enjoy a delicious meal while taking in the views and the wonderful sea salt air. 

              WALK the TRAILS & Admire the ART

Bell Islanders has their very own local radio station that is broadcast around the world. Tune in to hear  A BLAST FROM THE PAST with Henry Crane that will get your feet stomping or rock out with ROCK'N Dave Rose. There is also some great story telling likeMURDER & MAYHEM& featured guests. Enjoyable to anyone with a liking to days gone by and definitely the place to tune into if you are from the rock but a long way from home.